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Terms and conditions of sale

Our terms and conditions of sale together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation or a receipt, constitute the entire contractual basis for the purchase. These provisions apply as a binding contract for goods and services purchased via, over the counter in the facility and directly from the agent.

1. General terms and conditions

1.1. Anyone who orders at must be 18 years of age or older. This applies to all goods and / or services that can be ordered on the current website.
1.2. Check the confirmation you receive so that it is in accordance with the order. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the contract / order confirmation is in accordance with the order.
1.3. Tromsø Alpinpark AS disclaims responsibility for errors that guests make if they have not complied with our terms. The terms protect you as a guest and Tromsø Alpinpark as a distributor.

2. Ordering

2.1. An order is binding as soon as an order number is assigned to the guest and payment is completed. It is the guest's responsibility to check that the arrival and departure date as well as anything else that is essential to the booking is correct.
2.2. You will receive an e-mail when you have completed the order, provided that you have used a correct and valid e-mail address.
2.3. Tromsø Alpinpark and our partners are responsible for ensuring that your login information is not misused, resold to third parties or otherwise distributed without your consent.
2.4. In connection with your order, you agree that we can send relevant information to your e-mail address.

3. Prices

3.1. All prices are stated in NOK (Norwegian kroner). Agreed prices are binding on all parties. Tromsø Alpinpark reserves the right to make typing errors.
3.2. Tromsø Alpinpark reserves the right to make changes in the price as a result of increased costs for the purchase of goods and services, increased taxes or other circumstances beyond the point of sale's control.
3.3. Tromsø Alpinpark reserves the right to make printing errors in prices.

4. Payment

4.1. When ordering / purchasing, the amount must be paid in full. The guest must bring and show the booking confirmation upon arrival.
4.2. Tromsø Alpinpark uses a payment solution from Nets and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Visa prepaid and Bankaxcept. The transaction itself is handled by Teller.
4.8. When paying with an invoice, an invoice fee of NOK 49 will be added. Main due date will be 30 days prior to arrival. Orders that are not paid by the due date can be canceled by the seller, and there are ordinary cancellation conditions that apply.

5. Cancellation and change

5.1. All cancellations of activities / experiences / services must be made in writing to Tromsø Alpinpark at
5.2. The customer is responsible for their own, relevant insurance premiums that apply to travel and customer / rental conditions. For example, travel and leisure insurance as well as travel and liability insurance.
5.3. See specified cancellation policy under current product; ski school item 9, activity item 10, event item 11. 

6. Force Majeure and unsatisfactory weather conditions

6.1. Tromsø Alpinpark and our subcontractors are not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities or other conditions beyond the facility's control. We reserve the right to make incorrect pricing, descriptions of services and technical problems that may arise.

7. Conditions for lift passes (prepared by Alpinanleggenes landsforening)

7.1. Lift tickets are personal and must not be transferred.
7.2. In the event of a lost / lost card, a new season card can be purchased for a fee of NOK 100, plus a Skidata card for NOK 80.
7.3. There is no right of return for lift tickets.
7.4. In the event of misuse or violation of the alpine trail rules, the lift pass can be shredded without compensation.
7.5. No compensation is given in the event of an unforeseen downtime, e.g. in case of bad weather, power failure, machine failure or the like.
7.6. Parts of the competition tracks may on some days be reserved for competition and training.
7.7. Ski data cards are mandatory for all types of cards due to. non-contact ticket system. If you have a Skidata card without technical problems, this can be recharged and reused. If you do not have a Skidata card, this can be purchased for NOK 80 in addition to the lift ticket price.
7.8. Children 0-6 years get a free lift pass using a helmet and Skidata card. All children from the age of 7 must buy a lift pass at a child price.
7.9. The guest is responsible for presenting a discount coupon / voucher / gift card / student ID before purchasing a lift ticket. No refunds will be given afterwards.
7.10. Groups over 10 people can get up to 15% discount on lift tickets in Tromsø Alpinpark against joint payment for the group. Requests for group discounts are sent to
7.11. There is no right of return / deposit on Skidata cards
7.12. The guest is obliged to familiarize themselves with which lifts go and which slopes are open before buying a lift pass. No refunds will be given afterwards.
7.13. The guest is obliged to assess the weather and driving conditions based on their skiing / snowboarding skills, before purchasing a lift pass. No refunds will be given afterwards.
7.14. Tromsø Alpinpark is responsible for ensuring that information about which lifts and slopes are in operation is available to the guest.
7.15. Reimbursement in the event of an interruption of operations, see supplementary under section 12.
7.16. Reimbursement in case of illness or injury; in the event of illness or injury, the card user will be entitled to a proportionate reimbursement of the card expenses for the time the card could not be used. The injury or illness must be documented on request through a doctor's statement. 7.17 You are a student when you have a valid student certificate for higher education. (NB. Does not apply to high school.)

8. Terms for ski rental

8.1. Valid identification is mandatory when renting equipment. This also applies to pre-booked and paid equipment.
8.2. All payment is made in advance. Reimbursement of the rental amount is only made in the event of illness / injury against a doctor's statement.
8.3. Alpine skiing can be easily confused. Remember what the skis look like (keep a receipt where barcodes are noted) and where you place the skis! It is not permitted to transfer, rent or sell rented equipment.
8.4. Equipment should only be used on marked and groomed trails. Damage to the equipment during other use must be compensated.
8.5. Landlord is not responsible for theft of equipment. During the rental period, the tenant is responsible for storing the equipment in a safe place. In the event of theft, the tenant must replace the equipment.
8.6. The landlord is not responsible for personal injuries caused to the tenant, property or third party during the rental period.
8.7. Money is not refunded for canceled rent unless there is a written doctor's statement.
8.8. The equipment must be returned during the opening hours to the landlord when the rental period ends.
8.9. It is the tenant's responsibility to approve the equipment before use.
8.10. The tenant is aware that the binding on alpine skis is of the release type. This reduces the risk of injury, but is no guarantee of safety. On snowboards there are no releasable bindings.

9. Terms for ski school

9.1. Payment for ski school must be made before the lesson starts, either online or over the counter.
9.2. If canceled and changed up to 48 hours before the start of the lesson, the full amount minus a fee of NOK 200 will be refunded.
9.3. If canceled less than 48 hours before the start, a doctor's certificate is required for reimbursement, minus a fee of NOK 200.
9.4. To you as an adult: For us who work in the ski school, it is very good if we are informed before the class begins if the child has any special needs. It makes it easier for us to give the children the best experience. Parents should also keep in mind that children come with energy and food in their stomachs. Then they get the most out of the ski school.
9.5 In case of illness and medical certificate, a full refund is given.

10. Terms of activity

10.1. To cancel or change an ordered activity, contact
10.2. Payment for the activity must be made before the activity starts, either online or over the counter.
10.3. Cancellation can be made free of charge within 7 days before the activity day unless otherwise specified.
10.3. Cancellation between 2-6 days before arrival: 50% refund.
10.4. Cancellation after 48 hours before the start time: no refund.
10.5. In case of illness and medical certificate, a full refund is given. 
10.6. Tromsø Alpinpark reserves the right to cancel the activity if for safety reasons it is not justifiable to carry out the activity (for example due to the weather). In the event of such cancellation, a full refund will be given unless the parties agree to change the time of the activity.
10.7. Tromsø Alpinpark reserves the right to cancel the activity if conditions are not met, such as the minimum number of participants, etc. If this occurs, the customer will be notified the day before the activity. If the customer does not accept a change of time for the activity, a full refund will be given.

11. Ski safety

In collaboration with Alpinanleggenes Landsforening, ALF. 

11.1. We want all our skiers to wear a helmet, show consideration for other skiers and snowboarders and follow the ski rules. It should be safe to ski with us, and then we all have a responsibility for our own driving.
11.2. Responsibility to avoid injury: You must take care not to injure yourself or others.
11.3. Adjust the speed according to the conditions: You must drive in a controlled manner, adjust the speed and driving style according to skill, terrain, driving conditions and traffic in the facility.
11.4. Duty to give way: If you come from behind (from above), you are responsible for avoiding a collision.
11.5. Overtaking / driving downhill: It is forbidden to drive straight downhill except during organized training. If you drive past another skier / snowboarder, you must give him or her sufficient space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements.
11.6. Starting, driving into or turning upwards on the descent: If you drive into or turn upwards on a descent, you must ensure that this happens without danger to yourself or others. The same applies to driving after a stop.
11.7. Do not stop / sit in cramped or confusing places.
11.8. On foot in the descent: If you are on foot, you must only use the outer edges of the hill.
11.9. Ski stops / straps: Ski stops / straps are mandatory. Check that the bindings are set correctly.
11.10. Respect signs: Follow signs, markings and instructions.
11.11. Assistance in case of accidents: In the event of injuries, everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and participants are obliged to state personal details. Alpine skiing is associated with a certain danger, therefore show caution. Drugs and skiing do not go together. Violation of the disc rules may result in expulsion from the facility and shredding of lift tickets without refund.

12. Downtime

12.1. In the event of an interruption of operation - ie in the event of a lift stop and / or when more than 50% of the total course offer at the time of purchase cannot be used - the cardholder is entitled to a proportionate refund for the time the lift card cannot be used. The outage must be of at least 30 minutes duration and the sum of the outages must be more than 1/3 of the lift card's validity period. No refunds will be given for the purchase of day passes, half-day passes or hourly passes.
12.2. Operational interruptions that are beyond the control of the operations management (force majeure): In the event of an interruption of operations that is beyond the control of the ski resort, the reimbursement shall correspond to 50% of the proportional reimbursement to which the cardholder is entitled under the previous clause. This applies in the event of operational interruptions as a result of, for example, weather and wind conditions, landslides, lightning strikes, floods, fires, power outages, strikes, etc. and which constitute conditions which the plant could not reasonably expect to take into account at the time of purchase. It is up to the plant to document that the outage is due to such conditions and that the plant has not had the opportunity to avoid or overcome the consequences of these.

Based on the above, it must be clear that the cardholder is not entitled to the entire purchase price, only a proportionate refund for the time the season card cannot be used. The maximum amount that can be refunded in the event of a lack of snow is 50% of the lift ticket's purchase price. This presupposes that the facility is unable to open for the season. On the other hand, if the facility is open more than 1/3 of the season, the cardholder is not entitled to a refund.

In other words, it is for closed days beyond 1/3 of the season's total number of ski days that the cardholder can demand a refund. The refund shall be 50% of the proportionate share of the time the lift pass cannot be used. This is a calculation where the value of the lift ticket must be divided by the number of days in the season. This "daily rate" is decisive for the size of the reimbursement claim.

It is in the nature of the case that a possible reimbursement claim cannot be settled until after the season has ended. Until the end of the season, the plant owner can consequently reject any reimbursement claims. Any claim for reimbursement shall be addressed to the plant owner after this time.

12. Storage of data

Your privacy is important to Tromsø Alpinpark and we take our responsibility for the security of your personal information very seriously.
We undertake to protect your personal information and practice transparency about the information we collect about you and what we do with it.
To reflect the latest changes in privacy laws, and our commitment to transparency, we have updated our Privacy Policy.

14. Privacy

Tromsø Alpinpark respects your privacy and treats personal data as the data controller in accordance with the Personal Data Act. These terms provide you with information about how we process information about you.

14.1 We process visitor information. This is information that the server automatically generates when someone visits our website. This typically includes which pages were downloaded, time, which page you came from, IP address, device type (eg iPhone), browser type and operating system. Visitor information is used anonymously, for the purpose of operating and further developing the websites. If you fill in information in registration forms, we will also process the information that you fill in in the registration forms. This information is used to administer the services. Your e-mail address can be used to send you advertisements if you have agreed to this or it is otherwise permitted under Norwegian law. We also process your inquiries and feedback if you voluntarily contact us, or provide feedback on our website.

14.2 Links; may contain links to websites owned and operated by others. These privacy terms only apply to, and we are not responsible for how your personal information is processed on external sites.

14.3 We use cookies. These are data packets that are stored on your device. Our cookies are used to adapt the website to your use and settings, as well as to conduct anonymous surveys of user behavior on the website and register the number of visitors. Cookies can also be used for user-oriented marketing in accordance with current legislation. You can choose to reject cookies in your browser. Through a function in your browser, you also choose whether / when you want to delete cookies.