Tromsø Alpinpark



About Alpinparken

Tromsø Alpinpark is a ski resort for everyone. The facility has for a number of decades housed alpine sports for all, families with children, tourists and the everyday skier. 

Tromsø Alpinpark is centrally located just 10 minutes to everywhere, the airport and the city center of Tromsø. You will find the resort right in the heart of the Kroken district on the mainland.

The alpine park has five different trails with different degrees of difficulty, green, blue, red and black. We have slopes for small first-time skiers with a children's ski band/magic carpet and a several tracks that makes even the experienced skier a good challenge. We also have a toboggan slope with an accompanying shelter with a bonfire so that families with small children can also be in the facility.

Tromsø Alpinpark have a ski shop with various selections of skis and snowboard equipment. You will also find a ski rental where you can rent state-of-the-art skis, shoes, poles, snowboards and boots.

If you want are hungry and want something to eat or a hot or cold beverage, we are happy to offer this in our newly renovated "Parken Lodge" or enjoy the same benefits in front of the fireplace in "Parken Lavo".

We are proud to be able to offer - as one of the few in Norway - an alpine resort that can give you skiing in both midnight sun and the Northern Lights, depending on whether it is late or early in the season. Tromsø Alpinpark is 100% owned by the sport itself Tromsø Alpinklubb, which has also been a user of the facility since the beginning of the early 70s. The skiresort has been upgraded for around NOK 30 million in the last four years. The investment has given us a new snow production facility, upgrading of elevators for predictable operation. New Groomers to ensure optimal conditions in the slopes at all times and developed a new and broader offer for dining and serving. 

Where are we located?

Jadevegen 129, 9022 Krokelvdalen

Opening Hours

Vi har nå STENGT for sesongen, takk for denne gang. Vi gleder oss til å se deg igjen i sesongen 2021-22.

Ski Pass

Buy Ski pass for the season

Rental of ski and snowboard equipment

Rent the desired equipment in our ski shop

Those who count as children are ski enthusiasts who are between 7-17 years old at the time of booking. From the day you turn 17, you go as an adult.

A company buys a number of cards that can be rolled inside the company. The more cards the company buys - the more people can be on the ski slope at the same time. This is not a personal card with a picture - like the regular ski cards. The business package can also include other benefits for the business - depending on how many cards one business buys. The card is stored in the park and signed in and out by each employee after use. Identification and proof of employment required.

Yes! If you buy a season pass, you get 15% off everything in our ski shop! This does not apply to food & drink.

Tromsø Alpinpark does not refund cards that cannot be used due to illness or injury, moving, insufficient snow, bad weather, lift stops, power outages or the like. Lost season tickets are not replaced, and a new keycard must be purchased. (80, -)

No Unfortunately. These are personal cards with photos and can only be used by the person to whom they were sent to.

The family package applies to parents and children living at home registered at the same residential address.