Tromsø Alpinpark

Park Lavo

Do you want to rent an unique and a very special room in Tromsø?

The Parken Lavvo can accommodate up to 150 people, and it has a really spectacular panoramic view towards the beautiful city of Tromsø.

The Parken Lavvo is equipped with seating and tables for dining at 60 pax, bar and whatever you need of music systems and other technical equipment.

Our Parken Lavvo is newly refurbished and delivers 25 degrees Celsius even in 15 minus cold Parts of the heating are from 2 cozy wood stoves and there is no smoke or smell of smoke inside.

It has a fully equipped kitchen and a very cozy fireplace in the middle of the room. We arrange everything from birthdays, company gatherings, summer parties, weddings, etc. We will also, if desired, arrange for fun activities, competitions, trips in the mountains, etc. 

We want to give you and your entourage an experience out of the ordinary, welcome to us!